Sunday, August 28, 2011

TIME Magazine's 50 Best Websites of 2011

I saw this list on Stephen's Lighthouse this week. It's interesting because I've never heard of most of these websites. Google+ is there, which is a recent site but already has taken the world by storm. Google the search engine is not. Hmmm...

To see the list by category, check Time's website. They also list the Best iPhone Apps of 2011 and the Best Blogs of 2011, and you can see past lists to compare and track changes. There's something for everyone, and I definitely have to look at it more closely and try out some of those websites.


  1. These websites may be popular, but I'm not sure if everyone knows about them! I'm sure each one is useful, one way or the other. What's your fave site in the list, btw?

  2. I'm not sure they really are that popular, just that they are supposedly the best sites for what they do. Honestly, the only one I have any experience with is Google+ because I started a profile for my photography. I've only heard of a handful of others. I did think Hipmunk would be useful, but I haven't planned a trip yet where I needed to use it. How about you, any good sites from the list? How about ones that didn't make the list?