Monday, January 17, 2011

Teach Parents Tech

How many of you are the de facto tech support for your family members? Did you ever wish you could record yourself explaining the steps for whatever process your parents are struggling with...again? That way they could just watch the video over and over again until they got it? Well, rejoice, for help is here.

In December Google set up the website. See their blog post for a quick overview. A number of videos have been uploaded, and you just choose which one you want to send and fill out the form. The recipient--it doesn't have to be a parent--will get an email with a link to the video. Then voila, you've done your tech support, and from long distance even.

The videos range from changing text size to setting up auto-respond on your email to doing searches online. They do focus on Google, so you might want to preview the videos before sending in case you'd rather give instructions that are less product-specific.

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