Monday, December 13, 2010

Google's Search Zeitgeist 2010

Google has released its Zeitgeist 2010. It's not exactly a list of the most popular searches, but rather it's the fastest rising topics. Things that captured people's interest during this past year include Chatroulette, Justin Bieber, the World Cup, Nicki Minaj (who?), the ash cloud over Iceland, and the iPad. Yes, Kim Kardashian is on the list of fastest rising people.

The health concerns are interesting: McDonald's nutrition, Asperger's, vitamin D deficiency, whooping cough. People must be paying attention to the news and their own health. Maybe finding out the nutrition value--or lack thereof--in McDonald's food will help with the obesity epidemic in the Unites States. Okay, maybe not.

Compare this zeitgeist with Yahoo's searches and with Bing's.

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