Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Many people are now bypassing their television and the TV schedule in favor of watching their favorite shows online. But with every channel having its own website plus Hulu and Netflix, how do you know where to go? Enter Clicker.com. Search or browse, and Clicker will tell you where you can see your show as well as noting whether the website is free or not. Here's how Clicker describes themselves:

To make it fast and easy to find a show you want to watch right now, Clicker is one part directory, one part search engine, one part wiki, one part entertainment guide, and one part DVR. At the heart of it all is a massive database that looks like this:

Clicker contains more than 750,000 episodes, from over 12,000 shows, from over 2,500 networks, 30,000 movies, and 90,000 music videos from 20,000 artists.

Staying on top of what programs are available online and offline, organizing them for you, and recommending gems for you to discover is what Clicker is all about.

You can create an account and make playlists, but it's not necessary for searching and browsing. Clicker also offers similar information for movies and music.

It looks like a handy tool. Give it a try!

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