Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finding Doctors Online

Recently published an article on a new service that lets you check out your doctor online. That new service is Doctor Finder from Insider Pages. Nearly 1 million doctors and dentists are included. The information comes from HealthGrades, which itself can be a good source for finding a doctor. Indeed, if you want more information on any doctor or dentist, Doctor Finder takes you to HealthGrades, where you can purchase a report. Doctor Finder also allows for comments, which can be helpful in deciding on a new doctor.

You can specify as much or as little information as you like in your search, including specialty or insurance accepted. Results seem to be sorted by number of stars (out of five) and number of reviews. There doesn't seem to be a way to input a name, so if you're looking for someone in particular, you'll have to do the basic search and scroll through the results.

Another source for looking up doctors is the DoctorFinder from the American Medical Association. (Type the two words offered, click the graphic for patients, then click the DoctorFinder link. You can begin your search after accepting the Terms and Conditions.)

The AMA's DoctorFinder lets you put in a name or search by specialty (dentists are not included). Even if your doctor isn't an AMA member, you can still see their information. There is no additional information offered aside from the basics, so if you need something more comprehensive, either choose Insider Pages' Doctor Finder and follow the links to HealthGrades, or just go to HealthGrades in the first place and purchase a report.

Another source for finding doctors and dentists is your insurance company's website, where at least you know those physicians listed will accept your insurance. But for patient reviews or to check on AMA membership, choose one of the doctor finder resources.

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