Monday, March 1, 2010

How Do You Get Your News?

Saw an interesting blog post from The Librarian in Black. She wrote about the recent report from Pew Internet. Here are some stats:

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new report this morning about the consumption of news in a digital setting.  The report can be found on the Pew website.  Some of the interesting findings:
  • 92% of Americans surveyed use multiple places & platforms to get their daily news
  • local & national television stations still come out ahead of the internet as news sources
  • 59% of Americans surveyed use both online & offline news sources
  • 33% of cell phone owners access news on their phones
  • 28% of internet users have customized homepages with news sources (e.g. iGoogle)
  • 37% of internet users have actually participated in news dissemination, creation, or commenting
  • 75% of those who get news online find news through email forwards or through friends’ posts on social networking sites
  • 52% of those who get news online also share links to news with others through email or social networking
  • 55% report that it is now easier to keep up with news and information than it was five years ago, and yet…
  • 70% feel overwhelmed by the amount of news and information available
How do you get your news? Do you prefer print, television, Internet, or a combination?

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