Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding Movie Information

You've probably heard of the Internet Movie Database, but what about AllMovie? AllMovie lets you browse by genre or search by title or name. It includes some television shows, and the information given can range from biographies and discographies to reviews.

Maybe because I've used IMDb for years I've gotten used to its layout and know how it works, but after looking around a little on AllMovie, I prefer IMDb. Sure, the homepage is cluttered, but the search box is easy to find (it's right at the top and all your options are on the pull-down menu) and the results are easy to interpret. Didn't type the title exactly right? That's okay. You get a list of partial matches. You also might get a cover of the DVD in case the visual prompt jogs your memory. Then, once you find the person or movie, you get all kinds of information. Full cast and crew, biographies, awards, filming locations, box office info, release dates, trivia, user's all there on one screen.

Both websites are hyperlinked, making your experience a breeze as you jump from person to topic. AllMovie has over 220,000 titles, while IMDbPro says it has 1 million. (IMDbPro is the paid version, but I would imagine the free version has just as many, or at least pretty close to that number.) Take a look at both, test drive them for a while, and decide for yourself.

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