Tuesday, December 15, 2009


USA.gov is "the US government's official web portal." Citizens, businesses, federal employees, and visitors to the US can find just about anything they want to know all in this one place.

  • Need to renew your driver's license? Get linked to your state's motor vehicles website.
  • Are you a Native American with questions on tribal issues? That's here.
  • Get some census data.
  • Learn how to apply for citizenship. (You can also link to WelcometoUSA.gov, which is specifically for immigrants and has tons of information about settling in to a new country.)
Read the blog or contact someone for assistance. Help is available by phone, email, or chat. There is all kinds of stuff here, organized in a way that's easy to find. Generally you'll eventually end up on another federal agency's website, but if you don't know which agency to check, start with this gateway site. It'll be very useful.

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