Thursday, December 10, 2009

You've checked your credit report and you might know your credit score, but did you know  you can also check your ID score?

This site is free to use. It's easy, and results come quickly. You don't even have to put in your social security number unless you want to, although the results may be more accurate if you do. Be sure to read the information on their opt-out policy and their privacy policy.

So what exactly is Their homepage has some videos and text info on the right side, but this is a good explanation:
If you are concerned about the unauthorized use of your identity, My ID Score is a quick and easy way to assess the risk that your identity is being misused. It is an excellent way to compliment more traditional identity theft prevention approaches such as credit monitoring, fraud alerts, and credit freezes. An identity score can give insight into whether your personal identifying information is being used fraudulently to obtain goods or services in your name.

My ID Score is a statistical score that's based on technology currently used by leading communications, financial services, retail companies, healthcare providers, government agencies, and consumers to assess your risk of identity theft. These companies use ID Analytics' scoring technology to ensure that fraudsters do not apply for goods and services in an innocent consumer's name

My ID Score calculates identity risk by looking at the use of billions of identity elements like name, Social Security number, phone number, date of birth, and address across multiple industries.

My ID Score leverages time–tested, patented technologies that identify suspicious or unusual relationships among billions of basic identity elements within the ID Network® — the nation's only real–time, cross–industry compilation of identity information.

To get started, click the green button that says "Check My ID Score."

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