Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book Review: "True Blue" by David Baldacci

True Blue starts with Mace Perry, a former policewoman for the District of Columbia, coming to the end of her two-year jail term. She swears she was set up in retaliation for infiltrating a drug ring, but since she was convicted she is no longer eligible to rejoin the police force. She is at odds for a while on what to do next, but soon enough a case ends up in her lap. A lawyer is murdered and found in the office fridge, and a US attorney is also murdered and stuffed into a Dumpster. Are the cases related? Who else might be on the hit list? Mace's sister Beth is the chief of police, so Mace has some leeway plus lots of former contacts. She figures if she can solve the murders on her own, the force will have to hire her back. Mace is assisted by Roy, the lawyer who found his colleague in the fridge, and the two of them set out to answer all the questions of who and why. Mace, Roy, and Beth use their wits and muscle to follow the clues and to stay alive. They quickly find out who they can trust and who they can't.

Fans of Baldacci's books about former Secret Service agents Michelle Maxwell and Sean King will most likely enjoy this one. Maxwell and King (Split Second, Hour Game, Simple Genius, First Family) also felt they had something to prove to their former employers, and they ended up partners on the job and in their personal lives. Will the same happen with Mace and Roy? Begin with this latest book, and read and find out.

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